Sassy Water

Even though my water source at my farm is a drilled well of 475 feet, I get bored drinking water.  My water tastes great but I get tired of the taste of water – so, (knowing that I should be drinking a gallon a day) I flavour my water.  Sometimes, I squeeze a half a lemon in the water, or lime or pomegranate juice, something to jazz it up a little.  Lately, I read an article Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.37.24 PMabout “Sassy Water”  named after the lady that came up with the recipe.  I got my recipe from Prevention Magazine.

In a glass jar or a BPA-free gallon jug, I place a cut up lemon (sliced), a third of a seedless cucumber (sliced), some spearmint leaves (a small handful chopped) and some chopped fresh ginger.  I fill the jug with water, (I use my well water), and let it set overnight for the flavours to blend.

Apparently the combination of the ginger, cucumber, lemon and spearmint is excellent as an aid in weight loss, a blood cleaner, a diuretic, and of course, all the benefits of drinking that gallon of water.

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