Polar Furnace – Do They Work?

This is an un-retouched photo of my farmhouse in the winter – it really is blue cold!  That Disney movie “Frozen” ya, I live there.  Right now I heat with wood and use oil as a back-up.  I don’t think I’m too different from other Canadian folks that are concerned with heating costs, but also I have concerns about the renewability of the resource we are consuming.

Farm House in Winter

Farm House in Winter

Right now, the wood I buy is delivered to my back door from a dump truck, I usually buy 15 or so face cords (a face cord is a stacked pile of wood 4 feet high by 8 feet long and a piece of wood is anywhere from 12″ to 24″ long.)  When it gets dumped in the driveway, I carry EVERY stick of wood through my kitchen and downstairs to the forced air furnace.  It takes DAYS and it is mind-numbing, back breaking work.  I have decided NO MORE!  When my children were at home, they would help me carry the wood down – each day after school they would each carry 50 pieces of wood before they started their homework.  I still want to heat with wood, partly because, to me, it’s environmentally responsible, but also, there is nothing that feels like wood heat.  I want to buy a polar furnace that can be loaded once a day with enough wood to burn 24 hours.  From what I understand, you don’t have to burn woods that have a high BTU – you can burn any wood at all and the polar furnace will take 4′ logs.

UPDATE:  So, I ended up resurrecting my old wood chute.  When the children and I used to put the wood into the basement in the 80’s, we had a wood chute.  Many years ago, the side porches were put back on the house and that construction covered the wood chute, in order to make this an easier job, I had a finish carpenter open the floor to the side of the basement so the wood could be loaded in.  Now, I don’t have to carry each piece of wood through the kitchen and downstairs.  It certainly makes the job easier and when the wood is in the basement, I re- align the floor and cover it with a carpet and put the furniture back in place!  No one even knows that the hatch is there!

I digress, the title of this post is Polar Furnace – Do They Work?  I don’t know, I am still using my wood/oil combination.  I would ask my readers for their opinions and ideas – please comment below.



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