My New Organic Garden

My newest organic garden started with the need/desire to have a better driveway.  For the past 26+ years of living here, the driveway ended a good 50 meters from the house, so in the fall of 2012, I had the trackhoe, backhoe, dozers, and dumptrucks arrive and cut a new driveway that comes all the way to the house.  Part of this wonderful addition to the farmhouse meant that a bank at the back of the house had to be cut into.FarmGarden20135

That was no problem, it was always just grass anyway, and an old dead tree stump that had some roses around it.  I had the guys operating the excavator lift the clump of roses out and I protected them, the roses will find a new home.  The roses are small, delicate pink, English tea roses.


I love the new driveway, it just never made any sense to me why anyone would park so far away from the door, with groceries going in and garbage coming out, especially in the rain!

But now, I have this new spectacular driveway and a fabulous new garden!  Watch as it unfolds into its’ glorious-ness!



Of course, this has only been planted for a couple of months, but next year this garden will be a show piece!  It has been planted in a pattern.  Next year, I will have the excavator back to put in a stone staircase.

Everything was planted organically.  I will post pictures as I go along so you can keep up with the development.  If you have any questions or comments, leave them below – thanks for dropping by.

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