Tiny House

I have succumbed to the TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT.  Tiny homes are here to stay and I want to be a part of the action!  My new tiny home is being built now and completion date is forecast for spring 2016.  EXCITING!!  I feel like the Target lady on the Christmas ads on TV!

I’ve been watching tiny homes for ten years on social media, in fact, I built one in 1999!  I disguised it as a playhouse for my daughter, but it was really a tiny house – as I put a full sized door on one side so that it could be used by adults when my daughter was no longer interested in it.  Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.23.22 PMTurns out, the door remains hidden under the siding, because she never lost interest and the playhouse was sold with the house.  Seems the new buyer was also enthralled with the tiny house too, because he wouldn’t close if the playhouse wasn’t part of the deal.  No problem though, the footprint of the house was 12′ x 14′ with a height of 12′ so it would have cost more to move it than it would cost to build a new one.

That is exactly what I have decided to do.  The new tiny home will be built on a trailer as so many tiny homes are.  The trailer is 8′ wide and 12′ long.  You can follow along with me here as I document the building of the new tiny home, which I intend to rent out to people that would like to try the tiny house movement and see if it would work as a temporary or permanent lifestyle!  We already have some bookings for the tiny home in spring 2016!  How exciting is that?


Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves

The debate is on – pellet stove heat or wood stove heat.


I have been carrying cord wood down into my basement for the past almost 30 years that I have owned this old house.  Last fall (2014), while carrying my quota down to my stone walled basement, I realized that, while I love wood heat, I can’t stand the work that goes with it.  My son has pitched in the last couple of years to lighten the load, but it’s still dirty, it leaves a mess on the lawn, it leaves a mess in the basement after the winter is over.  It brings in spiders, mice and this past winter, get this…..I left the trap door (that is my wood chute) open overnight by accident and a raccoon decided to come into the house!  Fortunately, the coon was locked in only a portion of the house and didn’t have access to the whole house.  Made clean up a lot easier!  And because there wasn’t any food in that side of the house, the raccoon left and I locked up the chute!

Even without the raccoon incident, I’ve been getting fed-up with carrying wood in….and wood, in my neck of the woods sells for about $100./cord and that’s a face cord.  So it’s not that much cheaper than oil.  Why do I bother you may ask?  Why don’t I just fill the oil tanks and forget wood heat?  Well, I would use solar or wind if I could, I’m just that kind of person, but Canadian winters are cold, really cold.  Wood heat is a nice heat, for some reason, it’s just more comfortable than oil heat.  So, my alternative is a pellet stove, the supply is more renewable than oil.  Let’s not even talk about the most recent spill in California.Oil TankWhich brings me to the next part of this series, after consideration and debate (with myself), I decided to buy a pellet machine.  Makes perfect sense to me…..I love to bake, I love to make soap, so I figured that making pellets is an extension of that creativity.  I went online and researched which pellet machine to buy.  I talked on the phone with pellet machine manufacturers, I emailed back and forth with others that make their own pellets.  I guess that’s why I haven’t been on here updating my blog!  Anyway, I came to the conclusion about which machine to buy, and where I was going to buy it.  I went on Alibaba and contacted the company and had it shipped.  I drove to my port to pick it up, brought it back, un-crated and started it up.  It wasn’t as easy as baking, and it wasn’t as easy as making soap, but I finally have my pellet machine working.

Polka Dot Soap

Polka Dot Soap

I have a unique and very renewable ingredient that I use from the farm and am experimenting with other options as well.  If you are thinking about using or manufacturing pellets – contact me and I’ll help if I can.  If you are looking to buy pellets, let me know, because since I am already in business, I have purchased a system that is large enough for commercial application and intend to manufacture for sale.

Now, I am actually looking forward to NOT carrying in wood this winter, a pellet stove operates on one bag of pellets a day for an average house!  :)


Organic Gardening

Well, it’s been a while….what a crazy busy summer it’s been!


I have a new organic garden and because of the delicious foods that we have grown this summer, I’ve decided to share my farm space with people that would enjoy gardening or perhaps don’t have the space to garden. A friend of mine told me that she loves to garden but the soil at her house isn’t rich enough and she doesn’t want to spend the time and effort to enrich it, so she has become my very first customer!


So, it will look like this……


A garden plot 20’ x 30’ fenced, it has to be fenced or the deer will eat everything. Over the almost 30 years of being on this farm, I have learned that the deer don’t recognize a garden as human space, the deer have the nerve to think you planted those pumpkins just for them!


I will provide two rain barrels to make compost tea or just catch rain water.


I will have available for purchase top soil, compost soil, and straw.


Fall is the perfect time to prepare your garden for spring planting or, if ambitious, fall planting (garlic) for next year’s harvest.


I would invite other farm bloggers to encourage neighbours to come out and plant their own gardens. There is something very satisfying about growing your own food and having it come out of the garden and to your plate within minutes.

Cold Process Soap

I couldn’t wait to get home with my new treasures to make Cold Process Polka Dot Soap and a new soap that I am calling Raspberry Kisses.

Polka Dot Soap

It was a lot of fun to make!

Cold Process Soap

Cold Process Soap

I expected this soap to “settle” a little, but it was pretty close to seizing when I got it into the mold.  My peach soap tried to seize also – note to self – watch these two fragrances!

All in all, these soaps were fun to make – along with my Maple Syrup/Honey soap, and it will all be cured in time for the Market Season!